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The 12GSDI FMC Connectivity mezzanine card is designed to provide 1x input, 1x output, 3x SDI input/output + 1x Video Sync input with the connection between FMC (HPC) connector. It could expand up to 2x input, 2x output and 6x SDI input/output by using expansion connector.

The 12GSDI FMC card consists of Macom/Mindspeed’s Reclocker: M23145G-11P, Cable Driver: M23428G-31P, and Adaptive Equalizer: M23564G-11P which support up to 11.88Gpbs.

It also has two on board crystals (148.5MHz and 148.3516MHz) which each can be reference clocks. 12G-SDI FMC card provides a development platform that enables customers to process their video content such as 4k60p through a single link, dramatically increasing the amount of video processing that can be done on a single card.

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