Apollo 1 Breakout Board SK-AMAP1-BREAKOUT-V11

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The SK-AMAP1-BREAKOUT-V11 evaluation board includes an Ambiq Micro Apollo 1 MCU with all pins available at 54 pins.


  • Ambiq Micro Apollo 1:
    • Ultra-low active mode power consumption: 35μA/MHz (executing from Flash)
    • Ultra-low sleep mode power consumption: 143nA (with RTC on)
    • High-performance, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F processor
      • Up to 24MHz clock frequency
      • Floating point unit
      • Wake-up interrupt controller with 12 interrupts
    • Ultra-low power memory:
      • Up to 512kB Flash
      • Up to 64kB low-leakage RAM
    • Ultra-low power interface for off-chip sensors:
      • 10-bit, 13-channel, 1MS/s ADC
      • Temperature sensor with ±4°C accuracy
    • Rich set of timing peripherals:
    • Flexible serial peripherals:
      • I2C/SPI master for communication with external peripherals
      • I2C/SPI slave for optional host communications
      • UART for communication with peripherals and legacy devices
    • Wide operating range: 1.8 to 3.8V
    • Compact package options
      • 64-pin BGA with 50 GPIO
      • 41-pin CSP with 27 GPIO
  • Parts assembled:
    • MCU
    • Passives
    • Crystal
    • DC/DC converter coils
    • Reset button
    • SWD Debug header
    • 2x 27 pin headers 2.54mm
    • 1x 10 pin communication header


  • Width: 22mm
  • Height: 70mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Apollo 1 breakout board SK-AMAP1-BREAKOUT-V11 in ESD bag

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