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AEM30940 - Harvesting PMIC
Highly-efficient, Dual-Output, Energy Manager for AC or TEG sources with optional primary battery



  • Ultra-low power start-up (380mV / 3uW)
  • Ultra-low power boost regulator (Configurable MPPT)
  • Integrated 1.2/1.8 V LDO regulator (Up to 20 mA load current)
  • Integrated 1.8 V-4.2 V LDO regulator (Up to 80 mA load current)
  • Flexible energy storage management (Capacitor/Supercap/LiIon battery)
  • Smallest footprint, smallest BOM (only 7 external components)
  • Optional primary battery


  • Industrial monitoring
  • Home automation
  • Wearables
  • Smart agriculture

For Vibration-Harvesting-PMIC:


For RF-Harvesting-PMIC:



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