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AEM10330 - Highly Versatile, Regulated Single-Output, Buck-Boost Ambient Energy Manager for up to 7-cell Solar Panels with Optional Primary Battery



  • Ultra-low power start-up (275 mV, 3 μW)
  • Very efficient energy extraction (Configurable MPPT)
  • Optional primary battery
  • Adaptive and smart energy management

Automatically switch between boost, buck-boost and buck operation
Automatically selects between the source, storage element and an optional primary battery

  • Load supply voltage (selectable from 1.2 V to 3.3 V)
  • Current drive capability: 30 mA in low power mode, 60 mA in high power mode
  • Battery protection (over-charge, over-discharge, Dual cell balancing)
  • Small footprint, small BOM (only four external components)



  • Asset Tracking/Monitoring
  • Retail ESL/ Smart sensors
  • Smart home/building
  • Industrial applications
  • Aftermarket automotive


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