Ambiq Micro developed a patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™) platform that dramatically reduces the amount of power consumed by semiconductors. By applying SPOT, Ambiq produces the world’s lowest power real-time clock (RTC) and microcontroller (MCU), Apollo. More details on the products can be found on our Ultra-low power MCUs, BLE and RTCs product website.


Energy Harvesting

e-peas energy harvesting solutions allow to harvest more energy from environment and consume a factor less energy in the devices. This allows you to cut your system maintenance costs and lower your carbon footprint while delivering uncompromised performances and robustness. More details on the products can be found on our Energy Harvesting product website.



Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM) has a long history within Fujitsu, offering an excellent high speed, high endurance and low power Non-volatile memory technology. Based on the knowledge we have collected with FeRAM technology, Fujitsu is offering another innovative Non-volatile RAM technology: ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory).

Fujitsu is also offering a wide portfolio of DRAM and Flash products from Winbond for the industrial and automotive market. With the good product quality as well as the long term support, we believe to contribute significantly to the daily business of our customers. More details on the products can be found on our Memory solution product website.


GaN Devices

Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices offer better efficiency through lower gate charge, faster switching speeds, and smaller reverse recovery charge, delivering significant advantages over traditional silicon (Si) devices. Transphorm is a leading-edge wide band gap supplier with world-class innovation and a portfolio of fully-qualified GaN transistors that enables increased performance and reduced overall system size and cost for high-voltage power conversion applications. More details on the products can be found on our GaN product website.