Tsubame Radio Co., LTD. (TBM) specializes in the manufacture of potentiometers, since 1929.Their products, particularly small and / or flat varieties of potentiometers, are highly sought after by major companies from around the world.

Most Japanese companies have moved their plants overseas to achieve competitive costs.  While TBM also has factories in Japan and Vietnam, they maintain “Made in Japan quality” by sending key materials from Japan and achieve competitive cost by automatic assembly process in both factories.

More details on the products can be found on our Potentiometer product website.

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Rotary Potentiometer UFO TYPE 12 - 121PZ-N2R

  • 12mm size Potentiometer
1.74 *

Rotary Potentiometer UFO TYPE 10 - 103P-N3R

  • 10mm size Potentiometer
2.54 *
Price plus delivery, plus VAT if applicable